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Meet the Team

Gain a new level of confidence with your firearm

Our training methodology is based on proven fundamentals, practical applications, and preparedness mindset. Whether you are a first-time firearm owner or a seasoned shooter, our mission is to make you safe, smart, and accurate.

Keith Pruett,
Director of Operations

  • 20+ year US Army veteran
  • Former member of Asymmetric Warfare Group and 3 time Tactical Game competitor
  • Specialized in reconnaissance & security operations
  • Keith utilizes his vast background knowledge to educate gun owners in various self defense scenarios

Chris Blackert,
Director of Marketing

  • Dedicate Shooter & Instructor
  • Maryland Small-Business Owner & Entrepreneur
  • Chris understands the needs of new to experienced gun owners and emphasizes the necessity for safety, shooting fundamentals, and mindset shift.

Paul Casale,

  • Retired US Army Master Sergeant
  • 10+ years in Army Special Operations
  • Specializes in practical use of carbine & pistol in dynamic shooting environments
  • Paul is passionate about imparting his shooting experience to new and advanced shooters.

Eric Shipton,

  • Former US Marine Machine Gunner
  • Extensive experience training foreign militaries in firearms training
  • Specializes in auto/semi-automatic weapon systems
  • Eric is dedicated to passing on his experience to his community through safety, fundamentals, and practical application.

Miguel Maciel,

  • Air Force Auxiliary Search & Rescue Ground Team
  • 5+ years in private security
  • Miguel specializes in teaching first time shooters the fundamentals of safe and effective handgun usage and implementation